Francesco Selvaggio

Francesco Selvaggio, our Sicilian expert, was born and raised in Palermo, has a degree
in architecture with a concentration on historic restoration and a thesis dedicated to the
Sicilian landscape. Francesco loves the life of a Trip Leader because it allows him to
pursue passions such as hiking in the Sicilian countryside and teaching trip members
about the history and architectural wealth of his island. “I love the magnificent churches
of my land, but every single building in Sicily has a story to tell. In Siracusa, the main
church is Baroque but it still features the original colonnade of a Greek temple!”
Francesco currently lives in and is restoring a 16th century house overlooking the
cathedral in downtown Palermo. His other passions include collecting old tiles for the
houses he restores, reading up on Sicilian history, restoring antique furniture, canoeing,
and cooking traditional Sicilian food. He speaks English, Greek, French and can read and
understand ancient Greek and Latin.

Giacomo Zanotti

Founder of Adam and Steve travel, Giacomo grew up on Lake Iseo Brescia and moved to London, England to study travel and tourism at the age of 20. Giacomo has travelled the world while working for various travel companies and has spent the last 25 years
dedicated to the travel industry. Warm and supportive and a good laugh he speaks
Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Loves to research, lead and plan new
adventures. Giacomo is a keen walker, swimmer and cyclist with interests in renaissance art and architecture.


Jean Francois Dor


Jean Francois Dor was born in Brussels Belgium, fluent in French and English; he is a
splendid addition to our guides and brings us in depth knowledge of France. He has lived
in London for the last 25 years and has gained extensive experience at dealing with
people, a degree in communication, with many years working in international hospitality,
event management, public relations and marketing. He makes a good warm host, always
available and helpful, a good listener and fun to be around.